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Box Recycling Plants


Seagate Global Resources is implementing an ambitious program to onshore box recycling plants to the Western United States. This will replace some of the lost capacity from China (due to China banning recycling of foreign trash in 2017). SGR will provide a cheaper and cleaner alternative to the current practice of shipping boxes first to SE Asia, offload, truck to a local plant, process to mulch, reload onto ships and then ship again to China for final processing.

SGR's plants will turn boxes into mulch in the US near the source rather than shipping this heavy low value-added product half-way round the world, or worse, have US boxes end up in overburdened landfills. Local recycled paper mulch can then be used in the US by local paper companies. This will reduce costs 20%-40% and help decarbonize the supply chain. 

Also, SGR is developing recycled box product plants in the US close to mulching plants, further simplifying the supply chain.


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