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Seagate Global Resources (SGR) is a platform company designed to profitably increase recycling in the US, starting with boxes and paper.    


SGR is recycling boxes through its majority owned affiliate, Harbor Green Recycling, which is now being expanded.  SGR is also onshoring box recycling plants from China and SE Asia, with the first to break ground this year in San Bernadino, CA. More mulching and recycled paper product plants to follow. 

Onshoring recycling plants to the US will give SGR a 20%-40% cost advantage by eliminating the environmentally counter-productive practice of shipping trash half-way around the world for processing. 

For every ton of boxes SGR recycles, 17 mature trees are saved. MIT research suggests that saving trees and planting new trees together is the most effective program to fight climate change. No greenwashing here. 


SGR is developing a carbon offset program that can be linked with other products such as gas company credit cards or airline mileage programs. 


SGR's Recycling Smart Loan is now available to lenders and there is capacity for private equity investment in our recycling plants.  

SGR was launched by The Seagate Global Group, a merchant bank founded in 1996 to focus on low risk/high return ESG investments.   

Contact us about Recycling SmartLoans, US recycling plant investments, buying or selling recycled boxes, and carbon offset programs. Help us expand recycling in the US, make  attractive risk adjusted returns and meet these goals:

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