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Box Recycling



Seagate Global Resources recycles boxes through its majority owned affiliate, Harbor Green Recycling, LLC, (HGR)

•HGR specializes in delivering recycled US boxes to factories in Asia.

•HGR offers a turnkey box buying service taking care of every detail from order to delivery to your factory.   

•Delivered over 1 billion boxes to box recycling plants in Asia.

•Successfully managed over 25,000 container shipments.

•Generated over $100 million in box sales.

•Has supply relationships with almost all major suppliers of recycled boxes in the Western US.

•Manages all logistics to get boxes from the US to the buyers’ factories in Asia.

•Our team is bi-lingual English/Chinese.

•Offices in California and Nevada.

•Representatives throughout Asia.

•Agent for some of the world’s largest paper plants for recycled boxes.

•Realistic growth plans to recycle 100,000 tons of boxes per month. 

•Has partnered with Seagate Global to expand box recycling in the US.

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